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Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Julian Fellowes

This is a pleasant and amusing look at the upper class life in contemporary English society.  It is the story of Edith Lavery, who wishes to marry into the aristocracy, thereby acquiring a title and wealth, while not necessarily being in love with the would-be groom.  She accomplishes this, and is fond enough of her husband Charles, the earl of Broughton, but does find her new life a bit boring.  The events that ensue are entertaining, and I actually couldn't put the book down when I neared the end, as I was so curious to find out what was to become of these people.  This book is well-written and witty.  If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you may recognize the author's name- Julian Fellowes is the creator and writer of Downton, as well as being the Oscar-winning writer of the film, Gosford Park.  If you are an Anglophile, or enjoy Downton Abbey, you will not be disappointed with this story. Check our Catalog

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A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London and New York

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Angelica Huston
A Story Lately Told

This memoir by Angelica Huston is an interesting glimpse at a different sort of celebrity childhood.  The daughter of celebrated director and actor John Huston and his fourth wife, former ballerina Enrica Soma, she was raised on an estate in rural Ireland.  While it would seem to be idyllic, her parents were often gone working and travelling, leaving Angelica and her brother, Tony, with nannies, tutors and servants.  Although she had every privilege, she describes it as an often lonely time.  Her parents separated when she was a teen, and her mother took her children with her to live in London.  This was the swinging '60s, the days of Flower Power and psychedelia.  After playing a role in a movie directed by her father, and the early death of her mother, Angelica decided she would rather model and headed to Paris where she was fairly successful.  However, she also began a romance with a much older photographer, a man that was very unstable; a drug user who was often violent toward her.  After four years of trying to make that work, she left for Hollywood to live with her father and his fifth wife. 

There the story ends in her early adulthood.  A second volume will be published later this year.  I enjoyed this memoir, and am looking forward to the sequel.  The descriptions of Ireland are lovely, and really evoke the beauty and loneliness of that time in Ms. Huston's life.  My only disappointment would be the lack of pictures.  There are only a few small, grainy, black and white photos at the start of each chapter.  Hopefully that will be remedied in volume two. Check our Catalog

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Jeff, Who Lives at Home (DVD)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Jeff, Who Lives at Home" is a quirky indie-type film that centers on Jeff, who lives at home.  Jeff is 30, unemployed, lives in his mom’s basement, smokes pot all day and is fixated on the movie “Signs”.  He imagines that he sees “signs” that will reveal his ultimate destiny.  His mom and his brother, who have their own problems, just think he’s a slacker and needs to get his act together.   The entire film takes place in one day of these characters’ lives, but a lot happens on that particular day.   At one point Jeff wonders if maybe his ultimate destiny is pretty ordinary.  It proves to be extraordinary.  If you liked “Little Miss Sunshine” then this is something you will enjoy- a real family dealing with real issues in a very real way.  The actors are great- Jason Segel and Ed Helms are believable as brothers, and their mom is played with understated exasperation by Susan Sarandon.  This film is a small gem.  Check our Catalog!

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Backyard Poultry

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Backyard Poultry

Are you interested in raising chickens in an urban setting?  Then this is the publication for you!  Each edition contains feature articles, as well as regular articles on breed selection, housing, health and nutrition, historic and rare breeds and other topics of interest for promoting the raising of small-scale poultry.  The current issue has a good article entitled, "Are Chickens in your Future?".  After visiting the local Tractor Supply Store last week and seeing all the cute baby chicks, I have to admit it was tempting to get into this fun hobby.  But after reading the article, which describes the joys and the pitfalls, I decided that this is something for future interest.  But don't let that stop you- chickens are the new cool pets!     Check our catalog.


Family Tree Magazine

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is a good magazine!  There is a lot of solid information here for the newbie to genealogy and enough depth in the articles for those that already have some experience in this addictive hobby.  This magazine has articles for a wide range of researchers, as well as interesting stories and helpful hints for your ancestor quest.  It is also web oriented and has important search tips for online research.  I find something interesting in every issue.  If you're at all interested in genealogy this is a good place to start- but watch out you may get hooked!

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