Lisa B.

A Searing Wind

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neil Gear
A Searing Wind by Michael Gear and Kathleen O'neil Gear.  This is the third book in the series based on Hernando de Soto's brutal invasion of the American South.  Set against tragic war sparked by Hernando de Soto's invasion.  Acuratey describes the Native American people's fight to protect their land and their beliefs.  Great characters and great plot it tells the story of how the natives had to fight an emeny with never before seen armor, animals, and beliefs.  Tells of the great sadness and tragedy the Natives go through to try to keep their land.  Describes De Soto's ruthless fight to claim America as his own.  Will keep you interested through the whole series.  Check our catalog.
Lisa B, Circulation

Under the Dome

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Stephen King
Under the Dome
I Love Kings movies, but haven't read many of his books.  I gave this one a try and loved it!  A clear dome comes down over a small town.  People freak, people turn on each other, people ban together.  The characters are well written and you get a real feel for what would happen should this happen to your town. Throughout the story the characters are trying to figure out how the dome happened, and how to get rid of it.  They work togeether, overcome the adversities of having no fresh air, no repleshment of goods etc. and finally how to get the dome gone!  The dome is not what you think, it was a good ending.  A very enjoyable book. Check our catalog
Lisa, Circulation