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Her Royal Spyness

Friday, April 20, 2012
Rhys Bowen

I found this book while browsing the available e-books.  Thirty-fourth in line for the English throne, Georgie (Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie), has been educated to curtsey, host lavish fetes and marry well. When her brother cuts off her pitiful allowance, Georgie leaves the family castle in Scotland for London, determined to become a liberated woman. Unfortunately for Georgie, there's a depression on.  Lasting only a few hours as a saleswoman in Harrods, Georgie starts a maid service, but she turns detective after finding a drowned man in her bathtub. When her brother is accused of the murder, she must try to clear him and the family name. Quirky characters like her lovable cockney grandfather; her estranged, oft-wed mother; and an incorrigible, sexy Irishman add to the fun. Living in London in the 30's was a challenge - even if you were a royal!  Diane 

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Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery

Monday, April 2, 2012
John Feinstein
Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery

Unabridged Audio, Read by the Author

Grades 6-10 - This action-packed mystery is set at the NCAA Final Four men's basketball tournament. Eighth-graders Steven Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are aspiring journalists and winners of the U.S. Basketball Writer's Association 14-and-under writing contest. Their prize is a trip, with press credentials and reporting responsibilities, to the Final Four in New Orleans. While exploring the Superdome, they overhear a blackmail threat leveled at Minnesota State University's star player. Threatened with a falsified transcript that would disqualify him and his team, Chip Graber is pressured to deliberately lose the final game against Duke. Stevie and Susan Carol become resourceful sleuths determined to save Chip and to expose the scandal. Throughout the story, famous basketball personalities make memorable guest appearances, including spirited sports analyst Tony Kornheiser and irrepressible commentator Dick Vitale. References to real players and coaches mingle, almost eerily, with the fictitious characters. Feinstein shares his extensive sports expertise, smoothly weaving into the tale a wealth of background information about NCAA regulations, tournament traditions, recruitment and eligibility issues, and gambling. Although the action on the court is vividly described, this story also breaks new ground for teens, focusing primarily on the influential role of media in promoting college basketball. Readers will enjoy the rivalry and chemistry between outspoken but insecure Stevie and savvy-beyond-her-years Susan Carol, and their spunky determination to get the scoop. Mystery fans will find enough suspense in this fast-paced narrative to keep them hooked.

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The Stonehenge Legacy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Sam Christer

I had put this book on hold, but have no recollection of doing so - must have gotten a good write up somewhere!  The author has worked for several major television studios as a director, producer, host, and reporter - and it shows.  I kept picturing the movie as I read.

Eight days before the summer solstice, a man is butchered in a blood-freezing sacrifice on the ancient site of Stonehenge before a congregation of robed worshippers. Within hours, one of the world's foremost treasure hunters has shot himself in his country mansion. And to his estranged son, young archaeologist Gideon Chase, he leaves a cryptic letter. Teaming up with an intrepid policewoman, Gideon soon exposes a secret society--an ancient international legion devoted for thousands of years to Stonehenge.

With a charismatic and ruthless new leader at the helm, the cult is now performing ritual human sacrifices in a terrifying bid to unlock the secret of the stones. Packed with codes, symbology, relentless suspense, and fascinating detail about the history of one of the world's most mysterious places, The Stonehenge Legacy is a blockbuster to rival the very best of Dan Brown.

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Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Rob Sheffield

This book was read on an Ipad2, using a Kindle App - downloaded for free from the library's website!

Growing up in the eighties, Sheffield (contributing editor to Rolling Stone), was surrounded by mysteries; girls, the catholic church. and his sisters.  These were the years of MTV and John Hughes movies, the era of big dreams and bigger shoulder pads. Like any teenage geek, Rob Sheffield spent the decade searching for true love and maybe a cooler haircut. Talking to Girls About Duran Duran is his tale of stumbling into adulthood with a killer soundtrack. Inept flirtations. Dumb crushes. Deplorable fashion choices. Girls, every last one of whom was madly in love with the bassist of Duran Duran.

This is a book about moments in time, and the way we obsess over them through the years. Every song is a snapshot of a moment that helps form the rest of your life. Whenever you grew up, and whatever your teenage obsessions, Talking to Girls About Duran Duran brings those moments to life.  Check Digital Catalog and Download Center

And for your listening pleasure, here's an 80's playlist just for you:

Rob Sheffield’s Top 80’s Summer Cruising Songs

  1. Little Red Corvette (1982) by Prince
  2. Missing You (1984) by John Waite
  3. Never Let Me Down Again (1987) by Depeche Mode
  4. Is There Something I should Know? (1983) by Duran Duran
  5. It Takes Two (1988) by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
  6. Our Lips Are Sealed (1980) by The Go-Go’s
  7. Hysteria (1987) by Def Leppard
  8. Left of the Dial (1985) by The Replacements
  9. My Perogative (1989) by Bobby Brown
  10. Wild in the Streets (1986) by Bon Jovi


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Old Man and the Swamp: a true story about my weird dad, a bunch of snakes & one ridiculous road trip.

Friday, December 16, 2011
John Sellers
Old Man and the Swamp

In an effort to reconnect with his father, John Sellers follows his father into the swampland of southern Michigan in search of threatened copperbelly water snake.  What follows is not your typical father/son memoir, but a hilarious, heartfelt quest of discovery . . . with snakes. Check our catalog

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James May’s Toy Stories BBC America (Check local listings)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is a wonderful show with James May (of Top Gear fame) on BBC America. Since I don’t have cable at my house, I saw this series via ITunes. James May is frequently referred to as “Captain Slow” on Top Gear. He tends to be a little old fashioned, and to him, newer is not always better.  In this series he embarks on some ludicrously ambitious adventures and feats of engineering using classic toys.

Over the course of six episodes James and thousands of volunteers, (adults and all ages of children), will undertake challenges like;
• laying ten miles of model railroad tracks
• creating a life-size bridge out of Meccano (Erector set in America)
• building a full-scale Lego house – and living in it for 24 hours
• creating a plasticine (modeling clay) garden for the Chelsea Flower Show
• having a 3 mile Scalextric (slot car) race on no-longer existing race course
• making a life size Airfix (model kit) Spitfire

He'll get both adults and children out of the house and working side-by-side on these fun, spectacular challenges; reminding everyone of the joys of doing things together while playing with toys that have captured our imagination.  Watch a snippet here.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011
Dick Francis

Wine merchant and young widower Tony Beach has expertly catered his latest society soiree, but the fun's over when a team of hit men crash the party...literally. The event leaves Tony with a bitter aftertaste of suspicion--and sets off a story that's an intoxicating blend of deception, intrigue, and murder. Tony finds himself caught in the middle of a terrifying mystery that begins with counterfeit wine, diluted whiskey and truck hijackers and continues on to murder – involving papier-mâché! It’s a pretty horrific way to go.

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All of You(CD)

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Colbie Calliat

If you grew up, (like I did), with CKLW playing on the transistor, you will enjoy this CD from Grammy-nominated singer Colbie Caillat. You have probably heard her song “Fallin’ for you” and sung along to the sweetly simple – and catchy – refrain. As Caillat told USA Today, “[my] songs are optimistic and bright. I grew up in southern California and Hawaii. The lifestyle was laid back and I listened to mellow, positive music, like Bob Marley and Jack Johnson. So I think that’s all inside me. I’m happy, and that gets expressed in my music.”

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Come to Grief

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Dick Francis

Sid Halley, the one-handed, ex-champion jockey turned investigator who appears in Odds Against and Whip Hand, is back. In Come to Grief he faces new dangers, new deeply demanding decisions. He takes on a case of multiple mutilations of thoroughbreds; unnervingly, the amputation of the animals' front left hooves mirrors Sid's own injury. The investigator soon realizes that the man behind the crimes is his old friend Ellis Quint, ex-gentleman jockey and now a beloved TV host.
 Sick at heart, Sid builds a strong case; but, when Quint is charged, British law bars any public discussion of the case, rendering Sid mute at the huge public backlash against him. Particularly vicious and unrelenting is The Pump, a garish tabloid. When another mutilation occurs and Ellis has a seemingly unbreakable alibi, Sid finds some odd connections between a business tycoon, The Pump's noble owner and Ellis. Finally, the honorable, brave and thoroughly decent Sid faces his worst nightmare- the loss of his good hand -while doing what he must. A subplot about a little girl with leukemia offers some touching sentiment, and there are flashes of dry wit throughout as Francis, who turns 75 later this year, proves himself still at the top of his game.

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Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Antonia Fraser
In January, 1975, Harold Pinter was 44, unhappily married to actress Vivien Merchant, with one teenaged son. At 42, Lady Antonia Fraser, the bestselling author of Mary Queen of Scots ( a book I really enjoyed!), was a noted beauty, the Catholic wife of Hugh Fraser, a Conservative MP, and the mother of six children. When Fraser went to say goodbye to Pinter at the opening night celebration for his play The Birthday party, he responded, "Must you go?" Mesmerized with each other, their night continued "with extraordinary recklessness" until dawn.

Their relationship was a scandal in the UK, "intensely romantic"—and long-lasting. They quickly moved in together, marrying five years later after Pinter's wife finally granted him a divorce.

Must You Go? is Fraser's account of their 33-year relationship, stitched together largely from excerpts from her diaries shortly after Pinter's death from liver cancer in December, 2008.

In addition to a passionate love story, Must You Go? is a record of Pinter's creative process—"a consequence of a biographer living with a creative artist and observing what went on first hand." Pinter, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005, wrote his plays in bursts of inspiration. Fraser's book reminds us that he was also an accomplished director, actor, and screenwriter—an activity he regarded as an important art in itself, "not just a 'my-house-needs-painting' exercise."

With the graciousness that no doubt earned her the Sunday Independent headline, "He's grumpy, she smoothes things over," Fraser captures Pinter's sometimes "savage melancholy," his often inflammatory outspokenness, and their remarkably productive lives, filled with work, political activism, family, and many famous acquaintances.
In their "last real conversation," Pinter asked Fraser, "'What are your plans,' pause, 'generally?'" She mentioned the support of family and friends. What she didn't mention was the solace of working on this moving, absorbing memoir.
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