The Convict's Sword (Audiobook on CD)

Monday, July 5, 2010
I. J. Parker

One of a series of mysteries featuring Sugawara Akitada as the main character set in 11th century Japan (Heian era before the Shoguns).  Akitada, Senior Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, has vowed to find out who framed his friend, Haseo, who was condemned to die in exile more than 5 years previous.  Haseo left his sword behind as a clue to his past.   Akitada also becomes involved in solving the mysterious murder of a blind street singer.  All the while a smallpox epidemic is threatening the city.  This is set in the city of Heian-kyo which is modern-day Kyoto.  Characters are well-developed and the setting and time is brought to life.

As far as I know this is the only title and format that we have for this series, but many of the titles are available through MELCat

Kathleen Z., Library Director

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The Puzzle Lady vs the Sudoku Lady

Friday, March 19, 2010
Parnell Hall ("includes puzzles by Will Shortz!")

How could you resisted the book jacket? I couldn't .. and I'm glad I didn't. "The battle of the century" .. "bestseller lists" .. "murder" .. "puzzles" .. Award winning Parnell Hall authors the delightful Puzzle Lady crossword puzzle mysteries. They read fast and fun ... and in the words of Booklist, "(they are) gosh-darned good."

Donna O., Reference and Technical Services

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Devil's Trill

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Gerald Elias

An interesting mystery set in the classical music world. A priceless violin is stolen; and a high profile violin teacher is murdered at Carnegie Hall. The prime suspect, rival violin teacher Daniel Jacobus, works to clear himself. This book shows a dark side to the music business and the author knows what he is talking about - he is also a violinist, teacher, composer and conductor and he gives the book a very authentic feel. Fast-paced and engaging. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Margaret B., Reference and Technical Services

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Starvation Lake

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Bryan Gruley

This mystery is set in the fictional town of Starvation Lake in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. Gus Carpenter has returned to his hometown to edit the local newspaper after a stint as a reporter at the Detroit Times goes bad. He’s not sure which is harder – returning home without the Pulitzer Prize he had in his sights, or continually trying to live down that one goal that got by him and cost his boyhood hockey team the state championship. But when the snowmobile on which his former coach had been riding when it went through the ice ten years earlier washes up on the shore of an entirely different lake, the investigation into the coach’s drowning is reopened. As Gus tries to put the pieces together he discovers that everything he thought he knew about his coach, his friends, and even his family is shaken to the very core. Let’s hope this first-time novelist has many more to come.

Sue A., Reference

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Monk: The All-New Mystery Series

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Lee Goldberg

Attention all you OCP out there! Monk is @ your library!
I love watching Monk on USA channel. I can watch missed episodes by checking out the DVDs from the library. And now ... we have the paperbacks. I really enjoy tossing one into my purse so I can pull it out during those down-times when I'm carting my kids around. Try a couple ... when you're lookin' for a little fluff.

Mr. Monk in Outer Space
Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Donna O., Reference and Tech Services

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Winter Study

Monday, May 19, 2008
Nevada Barr
Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is sent to Isle Royale National Park to assist and observe the resident wolf packs’ habits and behaviors since wolves may soon be reintroduced to Rocky Mountain National Park where Anna is stationed. The winter study of Isle Royale’s wolves has been ongoing for fifty years but may now be in jeopardy due to the interference of Homeland Security who feels the park should be opened to the public in the winter so they can use it as a base to monitor potential terrorist threats along the Canadian border. Soon after Anna’s arrival, the odd assortment of study team members, biologists, and Homeland Security folks begin to notice unusual behavior in the wolves. As Anna tries to sort things out, the very survival of everyone on the island, including Anna herself, is terrifyingly called into question.
I love Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series as much for her excellent depictions of the National Parks where they are set as for the characters and stories. I was especially interested in Winter Study because of its focus on the renowned wolf project conducted by Rolf Peterson and Michigan Technological University in Houghton. The book’s forward is written by Rolf Peterson.

Sue A., Reference


Pardonable Lies: a Maisie Dobbs Novel

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Jacqueline Winspear

Set in London in the years after World War I, Maisie Dobbs is an independent young woman who has established a business as a “psychologist and investigator”. Her cases often require her to work closely with Inspector Stratton of the Scotland Yard where her insight into the human spirit and psyche lead her to find solutions beyond the obvious. This time Maisie is presented with three cases that appear very different and yet become entwined as she delves into the past of each and puts the pieces together. A young girl discovered dazed and bloody is accused of murder. Sir Cecil Lawton promises his wife on her deathbed that he will find proof that their aviator son really died in France during the war. And Maisie’s dearest friend, while certain that her brother died in the war, would like to know exactly where so that she can leave a memorial. Maisie’s search for answers puts her in danger physically, but it may be the return to her own personal wartime demons that will put her in the gravest danger of all. This is the third novel in the series followingMaisie Dobbs, and Birds of a Feather.

Sue A, Reference

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Mrs. Jeffries & the Feast of St. Stephen

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Emily Brightwell

You would never expect the fabulous Inspector Gerald Witherspoon of Scotland Yard to be such a small, gentle and shy man. His greatest asset is . . . Mrs. Jeffries, his housekeeper, and his household staff, although he doesn’t know it. Mrs. Jeffries and the staff search for clues and Mrs. Jeffries oh so carefully nudges Inspector Witherspoon to find the killer. But can they solve this one? No one has a motive and everyone has the means.

Jerilee, Reference

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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Linda Fairstein

This is not just a good mystery featuring New York City sex crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper. It is also a good story that features much trivia about Edgar Allan Poe. Alexandra Cooper investigates two crimes, a rape and a murder, which at first appear to be related. Complications arise from the discovery of a corpse found entombed in the walls of a home connected to Edgar Allan Poe. The search leads to a mysterious club of Poe scholars, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, the United Nations, and some chilling near-death experiences. An exciting adventure all the way through.

Kathleen Z., Library Director

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The Blight Way: a Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I found this mystery through the Library's Online Book Club. I read the first 3 chapters in my email and had to finish it. Chocked full of odd and quirky characters, this entertaining mystery is great fun. When murder comes to Blight County Idaho, Sheriff Bo Tully is overrun with suspects. The Blight Way has everything you would expect from Patrick McManus, outdoor writer and humorist.

Jerilee, Reference
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