The Botticelli Secret

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Marina Fiorato
The Botticelli Secret

This historical thriller set in 15th century Italy revolves around the painting La Primavera by Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. In the novel, two characters, prostitute Luciana and monk Guido, find themselves in possession of the painting and discover it contains a code. While fleeing from assassins desperate to retrieve the painting, the two are chased across Italy to cities like Milan, Venice, and Pisa where they learn dark secrets about their families, their cities, and the conspiracy surrounding La Primavera. Reminiscent of novels like The Da Vinci Code, The Botticelli Secret is a fast-paced adventure full of romance and intrigue with lovable and original characters.

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Rachel C., Circulation

Mrs. Jeffries Series

Friday, June 3, 2016
Emily Brightwell
The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries

In this Victorian cozy mystery series, the kind-hearted, well-meaning, and oblivious Scotland Yard Inspector Gerald Witherspoon owes his success at solving murders to his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, a whip-smart lady who could give Miss Marple a run for her money. Along with the rest of the household's servants, the policeman’s widow with superior sleuthing skills of her own helps her unwitting employer in his homicide investigations. In the first book of the series, The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries, the sudden death of an unlikable doctor sets Inspector Witherspoon and his servants on the path of the culprit.

I listen to the books on audio. The audiobooks are well read by Lindy Nettleton. The first eight of the series are available as downloadable audiobooks through the library.

I love cozy mysteries and these books hit the spot. With 34 books in this series (the most recent of which was published this year, in 2016), this series-junkie shall be kept quite happy for a good while!


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Brandi T., Reference

Hollow Man

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Mark Pryor
Hollow Man

“Dominic is a prosecutor, a musician, and an Englishman living in Texas. He is also a psychopath.” And he is having a really bad day. He gets a call from England that his parents have died and the estate is in debt, he is demoted at work, and he is accused of stealing another musician’s song. So timing is everything when he is presented with the opportunity to commit a robbery that should be easy to pull off. He enlists his computer geek roommate and a down-and-out former cop to help him out. But of course, the plan goes all wrong and two people are accidently killed. His partners naturally begin to freak out – but as a prosecutor, Dominic knows what evidence the detectives will be looking for, what behaviors they will expect from the suspects, and as a psychopath – Dominic knows how to lie.

I enjoyed this book right down to the twisty little end, slightly reminiscent of Gone Girl, and The Girl on the Train. Englishman Mark Pryor lives in Austin, Texas and is also the author of the excellent Hugo Marsten mysteries -  about a Texan living in Paris. Check the catalog.

Sue A., Reference

Hannah Swenson Series

Monday, May 23, 2016
Joanne Fluke
Hannah Swenson Series

This cozy mystery series takes place in the small town of Lake Eden, Minnesota. Hannah has returned to her home town and opened a bakery. Quite like Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote, Hannah seems to stumble across dead bodies with amazing regularity! With the help of her sisters, her indomitable mother, two men who are in love with her, and all the quirky small town folks, Hannah manages to solve the mystery. Each book is filled with tempting recipes. A few of the books were adapted for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel as Murder She Baked.

There are 18 books in the series, from Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder to Double Fudge Brownie Murder.

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Sue A2, Reference

The Murder House

Saturday, April 30, 2016
James Patterson and David Ellis
The Murder House

No. 7 Ocean Drive is a gorgeous, multi-million-dollar beachfront estate in the Hamptons, where money and privilege know no bounds. But its beautiful gothic exterior hides a horrific past: it was the scene of a series of depraved killings that have never been solved. Neglected, empty, and rumored to be cursed, it's known as the Murder House, and locals keep their distance.

Detective Jenna Murphy used to consider herself a local, but she hasn't been back since she was a girl. Trying to escape her troubled past and rehabilitate a career on the rocks, the former New York City cop hardly expects her lush and wealthy surroundings to be a hotbed of grisly depravity. But when a Hollywood power broker and his mistress are found dead in the abandoned Murder House, the gruesome crime scene rivals anything Jenna experienced in Manhattan. And what at first seems like an open-and-shut case turns out to have as many shocking secrets as the Murder House itself, as Jenna quickly realizes that the mansion's history is much darker than even the town's most salacious gossips could have imagined. As more bodies surface, and the secret that Jenna has tried desperately to escape closes in on her, she must risk her own life to expose the truth--before the Murder House claims another victim.

Full of the twists and turns that have made James Patterson the world's #1 bestselling writer, The Murder House is a chilling, page-turning story of murder, money, and revenge.

One perk of working at the library is seeing what the good reads are from our patrons. This book was on my cart to shelve. The title and cover art caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. Murder mysteries are not my typical genre, but I have to say, this was captivating. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the guessing game involved in solving the mystery. Thank you to the patron that inadvertently introduced me to this good read!


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Tania K., Circulation




The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Antonia Hodgson
The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins

Do I dare admit that I picked this book by its cover?? Yes, yes I did. Other than pulling it from the new fiction shelf, I had no idea what this book was about. What an unexpected and pleasant surprise! This historical fiction, set in 1728 London has it all: murder, mystery, intrigue, unsavory characters, and plot twists. The rogue and fallen gentleman Thomas Hawkins is headed to the gallows accused of murder. He is praying for a last minute pardon. This is his story and claim of innocence. Unbeknownst to me, this is the second book in a series (The Devil in Marshalsea). However, I didn’t feel I missed out on any of the backstory or character development by skipping the first book. I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the story and learning a bit about historical London.

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Tanya H., Reference

The Lake House

Thursday, April 14, 2016
Kate Morton
The Lake House

This was the first book I’ve read by Kate Morton and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a mystery revolving around the disappearance of a young boy from his nursery in Cornwall in the early 1930s. After the boy disappears, the house is closed up and the family does not return until a London detective comes upon it on her holiday. The author does a wonderful job of weaving together several storylines and keeps you guessing. Everything is tied up very neatly in the end; some might say too neatly but I like my happy endings!

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Laura G., Youth Services

The Cukoo’s Calling

Monday, April 4, 2016
Robert Galbraith
The Cukoo’s Calling

This is the first crime novel by J.K. Rowling, writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The reader is introduced to Detective Cormoran Strike. After losing his leg to a land mine in Afghanistan, Strike is barely scraping by as a private investigator. He is down to one client and creditors are calling. He has also just broken up with his longtime girlfriend and is living in his office.

Then John Bristow, a childhood acquaintance, walks through his door with an amazing story: his sister, supermodel Lula Landry, known to her friends as the Cuckoo, famously fell to her death a few months earlier. The police ruled it a suicide, but John refuses to believe that and hires Strike to investigate her death. The case plunges Strike into the world of the rich and famous. With the assistance of his new secretary Robin, Strike is able to find evidence of murder.

The story is compelling and becomes a page turner about midway through the book. It does drag a bit in the beginning but as you get to know the characters you find yourself getting more and more interested in finding out what happens to Strike next. Rowling does a nice job of crafting her story with the right amount of suspense, twists, and turns, which is what a good “who done it” story needs to have.

Don’t mistake this book for children’s literature (Rowling’s claim to fame). This is an adult novel, as there is reference to drug use, adult situations, and an abundance of cursing, all of which are relevant to the character development.

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Barb C., Technical Services

Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (Audiobook)

Friday, March 4, 2016
Spencer Quinn
Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (Audiobook)

I listened to this on CD – which took FOR-EV-ER because I don’t have long commutes and often have my four-year-old in the car with me. Even though it took me a couple months to listen to, it was funny and delightful and (mostly) clean (some swearing by bad guys).

Bernie is a private investigator with no money, no current cases, and bills to pay. Chet is his partner who happens to be a dog and the story is told from his point of view. They soon are hired to find a missing teenager which quickly becomes a twisty mystery. Chet solves the crime but is unable to tell Bernie – since he’s a DOG. I laughed out loud in some places because Chet is so easily distracted and has such a joyful outlook on life. As is often the case with audiobooks, the narrator really makes this a wonderfully told tale.  It would be a nice distraction for a long car ride and older kids (high school) would enjoy it too.

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Peggy G., Circulation

Career of Evil (Audiobook)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Robert Galbraith
Career of Evil

Read by Robert Glenister

In this third installment in the Cormoran Strike British mystery series, former military police now private investigator Strike tries to uncover who has sent his assistant/partner Robin a severed leg. As the pair delve into Strike’s colorful past to uncover the sender’s identity, the mutilated bodies of women begin turning up across London.

I really enjoy this series, looking forward to the next book well after finishing one. Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacot are compelling characters whose backstories are revealed in tantalizing pieces over the course of the books. I also like hearing about Britain, especially London, and all the Britishcisms of language throughout the stories.

I have listened to the downloaded audiobooks for all three installments of the series so far and, though I am a perpetual user of the 2x speed on the Overdrive app, I am still quite enchanted with the reader, Robert Glenister, and his performances. I have considered picking up the print copies of these books, but I would miss what I now think of as Cormoran’s signature voice too much.

And one more thing to recommend this series: Robert Galbraith is a nom de plume for J.K Rowling, she of the wonderful Harry Potter fame. Her turn as Galbraith is quite different from the boy wizard’s fantastical world, but her writing is still magic.


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Brandi T., Reference