Summer Teen Volunteer application

All completed applications submitted prior to the deadline are considered accepted unless otherwise notified. The deadline to apply is 8pm on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Please ONLY use current phone & e-mail that get checked daily.  Many volunteers have used phone or e-mail that is not checked and then are upset they've missed some of their volunteer times or other important information.

This summer, our online volunteer application is a 2 step process.  Step 1is your contact and permission information.  Step 2 is the schedule/calendar for available volunteer hours. After completing step 1 (below) you will see a link to step 2.  Please click on that link and follow the instructions.  YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH STEPS IN THE APPLICATION PROCESS!  

Let us know if you have any questions.


My parent(s) are permitting me to volunteer at the library this summer. Here is the name of the parent granting me permission.

At this orientation you will:
+ get to know the other volunteers you will be working with,
+ learn about your responsibilities as a volunteer, and
+ get more details about your schedule, to learn how and when you will be making a difference.

Tracking your volunteer hours...

Would you like your volunteer time tracked this summer? (If you possibly want to use this volunteer time to use towards scouts, NHS, school, etc., then you likely want your hours tracked. If you select yes, you will receive an e-mail with a letter that has how many hours you volunteered over the summer; expect to receive the e-mail by mid-September.)

Your responsibilites...