Fun 'Early Literacy' Activities

Fun activities involving Talking:

  • Rhyming games (try these:
  • Have your child tell you what is happening in a story.
  • Expand on what your child says.  For example, a parent might say, “Yes, that is a cave… a cave is like a hole in a mountain.  Sometimes bats or bears live in caves.”
  • Blowing bubbles is a great way to strengthen the small muscles in your child’s mouth that are important for speech. (Variations: give your child a cotton ball or feather to blow along the floor or off from his/her high chair tray.)

Fun activities involving Singing:

  • Clapping along to rhythms (this helps children hear the syllables in words, and it helps them practice motor skills).
  • Sing songs/fingerplays fast, slow, and over and over.
  • Sing songs with rhyming words, silly words, and long stretched out words.
  • Click here for rhyming/singing books.

Fun activities involving Reading:

  • Stop before a predictable word or line in a book and ask the child to chime in.
  • Ask open-ended questions at the end of the story.  (Examples: What made the kittens happy?  What made them sad?  Why were they frightened at the end of the story?)
  • Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • Looking for a great book?  Ask our knowledgeable staff or check out our booklists of suggested titles!

Fun activities involving Writing:

  • Encourage your children to “sign” their name on their drawings/art projects.  Even if this begins as scribble, children learn that they can write something that represents their name.  Later your child will write the initials of his/her first and last name and then the complete name.
  • Give your child plenty of opportunities to draw and write.  Talk to your child about what he/she draws, ask questions and respond to what your child says or make up a story to go with the drawing.
  • Squirt shaving cream on a table to practice writing letters in.
  • Use playdough (or another dough/clay) to make letters with.
  • Fine motor skill activities help get hand muscles strong and ready to properly hold a pencil:

Fun activities involving Playing:

  • Pretend to be an animal (try these library CDs)
  • Use puppets to tell a story
  • Play “Doctor’s Office,” “Restaurant,” “Store,” or “Fire Station”
  • Play knights/princesses
  • Let children use their imagination to create props!



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