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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm not normally an avid magazine reader but lately I have been enjoying reading Yoga Journal. In the February 2008 issue, there is a list of "10 tools for creating your happiest life". And who couldn't use some tips on this?

Before the list, there is a brief explanation of the list and why you might need it. Beginning with:

"There are times when you know just what to do, and life seems to rise up and support you and your ideas. And then there are times when it is all a little murky, and you might feel a bit lost..."

Even if you're not into yoga, you may be able to appreciate this list and some of the other suggestions in other issues of YJ.

If you are a yoga lover (or new to yoga), there are always great tips for getting more out of your yoga practice.

Janice, Youth Services

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