The Way, Way Back (DVD)

Thursday, April 17, 2014
The Way, Way Back (DVD)

I’ve noticed that not too many movies have made their way onto the staff blog, so I’m here to change things around a little.

In a way, the plot of this film is very simple. A shy boy named Duncan goes with his mother to her boyfriend’s beach house for the summer. By coincidence, Duncan meets an unlikely friend named Owen who steps in right when Duncan has no one. Those sentences can sum up the plot, but it’s the characters that make this movie so completely nostalgic and wonderful. In particular, Sam Rockwell pulls off the charming and hilarious Owen who sees humor in everything, and Steve Carell convincingly plays a villain (not his usual choice in character) who deserves a well-aimed punch to the face in the very first scene.

It’s hard to explain why this film is hilarious, quirky, and relatable when it needs to be watched to be experienced. All I can say is if you like heart-warming comedies, or like cheering for the underdog, or even if you just really miss summer, this movie should bring a smile to your face. 

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Jada B., Circulation

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