The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Christopher Paul Curtis
I pre-read for my 9 year old, looking for material that is engaging, but suitable content. Trying to balance out what I call junk food for the brain. The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963 won many awards, including -Newbery Honor, Coretta Scott King Honor. It is wonderfully written. Completely irreverent in the humor of a boy faced with bullies, including his own brother and the craziness of his family. His dad hides his toothbrush because he was a boy once and knows a toothbrush; especially someone else's is the best thing for cleaning stuff. It concludes with the trip to Birmingham where they plan to leave the older brother with strict Grandma Sands after too much nonsense. The conclusion of the story is multi- layered as it occurs with the family in Birmingham at the time of the bombing. This brings another layer about hate and bullying.
Cindy A., Circulation

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