Tuesdays with Todd & Brad Reed: A Michigan Tribute

Friday, July 18, 2014
Todd and Brad Reed
Tuesdays with Todd & Brad Reed: A Michigan Tribute

This beautiful book is filled with photographs taken every Tuesday (hence the name) during 2012. A few of the highlights are: the Charlevoix Lighthouse seen between icicles on a beautiful blue sky, sunny day; fly fishing the Pere Marquette River on a snowy January day; close-ups of a snowy owl; Mackinac Island when the lilacs are in bloom; a deer bounding through a blizzard (all feet off the ground!); and the sand dunes in various seasons. For anyone interested in photography a plus is that some of the camera settings are included. In the back of the book are two DVDs: Disc 1 is a slideshow of 1,014 Michigan images and Disc 2 includes movies from their top 20 Tuesdays. It has been designated one of the 2014 Michigan Notable Books. This is an absolutely gorgeous book!

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Betsy H., Reference

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