Tuesday Tucks Me In

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Luis Carlos Montalvan
Tuesday Tucks Me In

Tuesday Tucks Me In was written by seventeen-year veteran of the U.S. Army, Luis Carlos Montalvan, who served multiple tours in Iraq. Luis’s experience as a solider and current veteran combined with the advanced education he has earned in journalism and narrative medicine make him very qualified to educate others about the challenges some veterans face following their days in the service. Unfortunately, as a result of his service, Luis suffers multiple disabilities including post-traumatic stress disorder

Told through the voice of Tuesday, young readers are shown what a typical day looks like supporting Luis. The comfort and constant care that this service dog displays for his friend is heartwarming for readers and will be enjoyed by dog lovers of any age. Written for grades Kindergarten through third, this book is appropriate for its intended audience and does a nice job adequately covering the issues being presented. Simple text and photographic illustrations naturally help build reader connections to the informative text. The tone is well balanced filled with both humorous and realistic writing that speaks directly to the calm and soothing effect Tuesday has on Luis. Pictures of Tuesday giving kisses, hugs, and cuddling with Luis at night show the amazing bond these two have formed.

The book ends with more information about service dogs, the effects post-traumatic stress disorder can have on your life and how Tuesday has made a difference for Luis. The information describes not only what a service dog is but what organization trains service dogs and what the training entails. As Luis speaks about his disabilities and the debilitating effect they were having on his life, he states that his furry friend saved his life and makes it possible for him to not only function each day but to get out and make a difference in other veterans lives. Additional information with current website links is also offered for readers that wish to learn more about service dogs, wounded warriors or ways to help disabled veterans. Tuesday Tucks Me In is an excellent resource that can be used to introduce young readers to the challenges some veterans face after serving our country.

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