Too Far

Monday, April 13, 2015
Mike Lupica
Too Far
   I don't follow sports. I don't read about sports generally.  This, though it is about sports, is more a terrifying suspense novel.  Ben Mitchell, has retired from journalism due to the terrible consequence of an important piece he wrote.  Wanting to get the story out there first, disregarding calls for compassion.  A young high school journalist seeks him out with what looks like a great story. 
  The high school basketball team is having a great season.  It looks like two of it's superstars are going onto BIG stuff.  But, there seems to be some ugliness.  The death of the team manager sparks the intrepid reporter into investigating what looks like horrific hazing. 
   This is a great read.  Makes you want to hold your kids close and protect them from those you entrust them with- their coaches, their teammates.
Cindy A., Circulation

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