Titanic: Blood and Steel

Friday, June 6, 2014
3 part DVD
Titanic: Blood and Steel

The movie “Titanic: Blood & steel” is a 3 part dramatic rendition of the events prior to the Titanic’s  demise.  You get to examine the workers, administrators, & the financial backers that could have been accountable for the sinking incident. The “blood” part of the movie is in reference to the number of people that died because of the political & religious conflicts that took place in Ireland where the ship was built. The steel part of the title refers to the possibility that the steel wasn’t tempered hot enough and that there was a steel strike in effect during the construction of the Titanic. Watching this movie encouraged me to learn more about this tragic incident. One of the books that I read was “Gilded lives, fatal voyage.” Narratives of the “rich and famous” were “scrupulously” researched and very fascinating to read. One such passenger, named Elinor Glyn wrote the book, “Three weeks” which launched a new publishing genre—the erotic romance novel.  

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