They Marched Into Sunlight

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
David Maraniss
They Marched Into Sunlight

War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967


I started this book on my Nook and then got the library book so I could see the photographs and finish the 500 pages.

The book alternates from Madison, Wisconsin, where there were massive protests against the war; Washington, DC, LBJ, and the politics of the war; and the sad and gruesome detailed accounts of the terrible week in October when there was so much confusion and chaos for the Americans.

I didn’t know anyone serving in Vietnam but remember reading about it every day and seeing it every night on TV.  So it was an eye opener for me as to what really went on that year. It was a long book but it is important to learn about this part of U.S. history.

Check our catalog for this book.


This year marks the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War and the library's Veterans Day program, Donut Dolly: An American Red Cross Girl's War in Vietnam, on Thursday, November 10, 2016, will focus on the War. Find out more about this event here.


Sue N., Youth Services

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