Thank You, Mr. Falker

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Patricia Polacco

If you haven't been introduced to Patricia Polacco this is an excellent beginning.  Her picture books are a bit longer so they are found in the juvenile section.  They are wonderful for the older child who wants a bit more depth but still enjoys wonderful illustrations.  As a mom, it is bittersweet to have children reading chapter books on their own.  Patricia Polacco's books are a great transition for me, as well as my boys. 
In Thank you, Mr. Falker, Tricia, who grew up loving books  is excited to begin school and learn to read for herself.  As the story continues school becomes harder and harder, reading becomes a form of torture.   Not only that, but because of her inability to read her self esteem suffers and she is teased by classmates.   Not until she is in 5th grade does Tricia encounter a teacher who recognizes Tricia has been cleverly faking her reading ability.  Over the course of a few months Tricia's reading ability blossomed  and she was able to read a precious book her grandfather had given her years before.
This is a beautiful story with wonderful illustrations for any family story time.

Cindy A., Circulation

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