The Teeth May Smile But The Heart Does Not Forget

Thursday, August 5, 2010
Andrew Rice

This is an elegantly written story.  The book shares the detailed history and pain in Uganda from years of brutal dictatorships and civil wars.  The topic is overwhelming emotionally and intellectually.  Journalist, Andrew Rice, makes it accessable by writing about one man's story. The book reads like a murder mystery.  Duncan Laki, almost 30 years after the disappearance of his father seeks justice.  Throughout the book we see how the Ugandan people  must deal with their history of civil war and the brutality that came with it.  "Public sentiment was complex-people were fatigued, people wanted the wars to end, people were wary of courtroom confrontations-but the decisive factor, according to Ugandans themselves, was a simple desire to forgive.  Reconcilation is an integral concept in African culture."  
Ar the end, you will have a detailed knowledge of Ugandan history.  But, what you will be left with is the haunting in your heart of what it means to forgive, to forget.
Cindy A., Circulation

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