Take Shelter (DVD)

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Jeff Nichols
Take Shelter

Michael Shannon’s portrayal of Nelson Van Alden, a tortured soul and FBI agent, in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, led me to the independent film “Take Shelter.” I’d heard there was an outcry in some circles because Shannon was not nominated for an academy award for his role as a father and husband in a blue-collar Ohio town who believes he is slowly slipping into schizophrenia. After watching “Take Shelter” I would have to agree. I think that the writer and director, Jeff Nichols, should also have been nominated. While “Take Shelter” wasn’t easy to watch, it was easy to marvel at. Nichols is a masterful storyteller. Shannon’s slow march toward madness and Jessica Chastain’s weary devotion as his wife took this movie to the top of my list of recent favorites.  Check our catalog.

Cyndi L., Reference

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