Sycamore Row

Friday, November 8, 2013
John Grisham
Sycamore Row

Twenty five years after the release of his popular A Time To Kill John Grisham is back with a continuing story of the main character, lawyer Jake Brigance. This story takes place three years after the famous civil rights trial in A Time To Kill. The setting is the same Clanton Mississippi courthouse where the first trial took place. Seth Hubbard, an extremely wealthy business man, hangs himself from a sycamore tree after writing a hand-written will leaving 90% of his estate to his maid and leaving his estranged children and grandchildren out of the will. Why would he do that?  There are many twists and turns as the story and Seth's past is unfolded. Grisham, as always, tells a great story. I would recommend re-reading A Time To Kill before reading the new one or, as I did, watch the DVD to refresh your memory.  Check our catalog.

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