The Surgeon (Jane Rizzoli Series, Book 1)

Friday, January 6, 2012
Tess Gerritsen


I've become hooked on Tess Gerritsen's novels and have been powering through the Rizzoli-Isles series.  "The Surgeon" is a Staff Choice selection and the first in this series.  I simply could not put it down and stayed up so late reading that I came to work bleary-eyed the next day.  As soon as it was finished, I read "The Apprentice," which continues the edge-of-your-seat story begun in "The Surgeon."  I read that one in a day and a half, and immediately went on to "The Sinner."  Now I'm on "Body Double" and thinking that no housework or chores are getting done in my apartment until I finish this series, only 5 titles away.  The characters are unique, quirky, imperfect, and likeable; the suspense is non-stop.  Can't ask for much more if you like suspense-thriller mysteries that keep you guessing (and maybe sleeping with the light on!)  Check Our Catalog!

Laura P, Circulation

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