Storm Runners

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Roland Smith
Storm Runners

Several different books by Roland Smith have been recommended to my boys by teachers and youth librarians, so I had to check him out.  The Storm Runners series is furiously  fast paced-perfect for my son who has been gobbling up graphic novles like popcorn!  Each book captures the exciting adventure of one day in less than160 pages.  The stories are literelly told minute by exhilerating minute.  In the first book, Chase Masters and his dad survive a hurricane while at a circus base camp in Florida. In the second they need to use all their skills to survive the surge from the hurricane while the circus animals are on the loose.  In the third, they travel to Mexico to save family that are trapped on an erupting volcano that just suffered an earthquake- oh yeah the circus anmals are on the loose on the mountain!  Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!  This was a fun fast paced read you will not want to put down.  Make sure you get the trilogy (Storm Runners, The Surge, Eruption)  you don't want to be waiting weeks to find out what happens next!  Check our catalog

Cindy A., Circ. 

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