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Friday, June 17, 2011
Rob Lowe
Reading Lowe’s autobiography feels a little like hanging out with his earnest and lovable character on Parks and Recreation, Chris Traeger.  It’s an enjoyable way to take a break from reality. Isn’t that what summer reading is all about?
Lowe spent his first decade living in Dayton, Ohio. His mother moved the family to California when Lowe was a teen. Throughout his book he recounts the ways his Midwestern roots colored his views growing up in California in the 1970s and 80s. He frequently worried he’d be thought of as a Midwestern “rube.”  Living in California he had the good fortune of moving in a few doors away from Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. Their family was exotic to him, they had a movie star father, a fancy pool and there was always lots of expensive ice cream being dished out.
A large portion of the book recounts his experience trying out for “The Outsiders.” I’d seen the movie a couple of times, but couldn’t really remember Lowe’s part in it. In reading the book I realized why. Many of his scenes in the original version were cut.   I read in Entertainment Weekly that the reviewer was disappointed that Lowe didn’t dish about his co-stars as much as he could have and didn’t give enough information about the aftermath of Lowe’s sex tape debacle. I thought he struck a good balance with the book. I wasn’t looking to learn all of the gossip, but I was fun to learn what a nerd Charlie Sheen was in high school and how intense and competitive Tom Cruise was from the moment Lowe met him.  I’d recommend this for anyone who’d like a peek into the movie-making business in the 1980s (Lowe is one of the Brat Pack) and the ups and downs in the life of a Hollywood star. Lowe’s had a front row seat for some of Hollywood’s biggest moments and go ahead, tag along.
Cyndi L., Reference

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