State Fair

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Earlene Fowler

The setting of the latest Benni Harper mystery is the Mid-State Fair in San Celina County, California. Benni's Grandma Dove and visiting Great Aunt Garnet are bickering as only sisters can do, so Benni is elected to entertain her aunt at the fair and keep her out of Dove's hair. When Benni and Garnet discover a body placed in one of the fair exhibits, they are drawn into the investigation since it appears that the crime may have been racially motivated to disgrace their friend and first African-American fair director, Levi. Amazingly, elderly Aunt Garnet is only too ready to solve the crime, inadvertently endangering herself and others. Earlene Fowler's depiction of the state fair atmosphere and California ranch life are vivid and her characters are real and heartwarming. Those who have been waiting (and it's been awhile) for another Benni Harper book will not be disappointed.

Sue A., Reference

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