Starvation Lake

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Bryan Gruley

This mystery is set in the fictional town of Starvation Lake in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. Gus Carpenter has returned to his hometown to edit the local newspaper after a stint as a reporter at the Detroit Times goes bad. He’s not sure which is harder – returning home without the Pulitzer Prize he had in his sights, or continually trying to live down that one goal that got by him and cost his boyhood hockey team the state championship. But when the snowmobile on which his former coach had been riding when it went through the ice ten years earlier washes up on the shore of an entirely different lake, the investigation into the coach’s drowning is reopened. As Gus tries to put the pieces together he discovers that everything he thought he knew about his coach, his friends, and even his family is shaken to the very core. Let’s hope this first-time novelist has many more to come.

Sue A., Reference

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