Speedy (DVD)

Monday, September 26, 2016
Speedy (DVD)

Like nail-biting action? A sweet love story? A good guy who gets more than his due in the end? A view of bygone days that still feels contemporary? All mixed with humor? Speedy, starring Harold Lloyd, is the movie for you!

When a thug businessman tries to wrench control of the last horse-drawn rail line in New York from his fiancĂ©’s grandfather, Speedy takes the reins. Modern car scenes have nothing on the wild ride undertaken by Speedy as he attempts to get the hijacked carriage back on its track before time runs out. It's amazing it only crashes once. (Be sure to watch In the Footsteps of "Speedy" on the second disc. You’ll find out that a poor horse riding in the carriage kept it from overturning. Wonder what the Humane Society would say about that today!)

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Doris M., Reference

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