Skuldduggery Pleasant

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Derek Landy

Average teen Stephanie's uncle passes away and she is stunned to discover that she inherits his house and belongings. When she stays overnight on her own at his house one night, she is startled when someone tries to break in. Not really someone but something - not human - some sort of creature. Skulduggery Pleasant comes to her rescue and saves her life.

She has only met Skulduggery twice before, at her uncle's funeral and at the reading of his will. Both times he was clothed from top to bottom, even his face was was covered by a scarf. This time, he has revealed his true form - he's actually a skeleton. It's a little bit of an involved story, him turning into a skeleton... but he was once a person - a magical person. Stephanie is immediately thrust into a world of magic that exists within hers and she's in up to her neck - luckily Skulduggery is a detective & ready to help out. Because they need to figure out what's going on, how to save the world, why Stephanie is in danger, and if an ancient relic exists and how it relates to all of this. Get ready for quite a ride!

Janice, Youth Services

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