The Science of Disney Imagineering (DVD)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My boys and I have watched a couple DVD's in the new series The Science of Disney Imagineering. This past week we watched Energy, a few weeks ago we watched Newton's 3 Laws of Motion to help my 3rd grader prepare for his science test. It is an amazing series. The topic is presented by a fun young man and they use several rides at Disney parks to illustrate the topic. In Energy they use the Mad Tea Party spinning teacups to show how work is applied to an object and how energy conservation is demonstrated.

The series is designed for upper elementary, but it is a very fun way to see the topic in action. They also have two great additional items. There is a quiz covering the material. If you get the incorrect answer it plays the segment form the video as a review. They also include a try at home experiment-in Energy - it is how to make your own Newton's Cradle to demonstrate conservation of energy. My boys ask to see these DVD's numerous times-how often does that happen? You and your kids will learn a lot and have fun.

Cindy A. Circulation

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