Saving Zoe

Friday, January 27, 2012
Alyson Noel

Although this novel is aimed more towards teenagers, it is such a captivating story.  Echo, a coming of age teen’s low key life is sent into a downward spiral when the police show up at her doorstep to inform her and her parents that her older sister, Zoe, has been brutally murdered.  Now, in the face of this crisis, she has to learn to balance high school drama, boys, and getting over the death of a sister she barely knew, even though she was always just down the hall.  If that’s not enough for one girl to handle, Zoe’s boyfriend comes back to town with a ‘present’ for Echo—Zoe’s diary.  The story then begins to unfold for Echo as well as the readers as we get to find out who Zoe really was and what secrets she may have been hiding all along.  I highly recommend the novel.  You do not have to be a teenager to read this book, because Alyson Noel makes it very easy to relate to her characters. Check our catalog

-Rebekah, Circulation


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