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Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Runner's World

There I was in the lounge waiting for my car's oil-change and needing something to kill time. Runner's World, the top magazine on the end table, had the same eye-catching headline found on lots of magazines: "Lose 10 Pounds". So naturally I picked it up (who doesn't want to lose 10 pounds?). I never did find the article about losing weight, but I did happen across a wonderful article about two little people, one 3 ft 9 inch and the other 4 ft 4 inch, who qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon. As a short person who does some road races, I was awestruck reading about their drive and accomplishments. But as often happens in waiting rooms, I didn't have quite enough time to finish the article. Thank goodness the library had a copy of the issue I was reading and I was able to finish the article. Next time you can't finish a current year's magazine article in a waiting room, come to the library, chances are you'll find it here. Check our Catalog

Doris M., Reference

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