The Red Tent

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Anita Diamant

The Red Tent, tells the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, who is only mentioned briefly in The Bible in the Book of Genesis.  This story imagines the life of Dinah and other women who spend time in the red tent which is where women go when they are menstruating, giving birth or recovering from illness. The tent is a place where friendships are formed, healing and nurturing take place. Stories are passed on and wisdom is handed down.

I found this interesting information about The Red Tent on Author Anita Diamant’s website, “The amazing word-of-mouth support from readers and from book groups, has made The Red Tent a publishing phenomenon. First printed in 1997 with no advertising budget and few reviews in major newspapers or magazines, this book only found its audience through the loyalty of readers, the support of independent bookstores, and help from clergy, some of whom even preached about The Red Tent from the pulpit.”

This is a book that seems to pop up at book sales every once in a while. Whenever I see it, I buy it and give it to a friend.  I enjoyed it so much. It seems others do, too. I just checked and there are 1,555 reviews of this book, most of them.

Cyndi L. Reference

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