Red Queen

Friday, April 22, 2016
Victoria Aveyard
Red Queen

Set in a society separated by the color of blood (silver or red), Mare Barrow rattles the way of life for everyone when she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Mare’s newfound abilities land her a spot in a castle full of secrets and in the perfect place to start a revolution. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard will capture the attention of any reader that also fell in love with The Hunger Games or Divergent trilogies. This book held my attention the entire time with its perfect balance of action and romance. Mare’s story is very easy to relate to and I think will inspire any reader to discover who they are and find the power within themselves to do the impossible. The second book in the series is already out and a third will be coming as well! I would recommend this book for anyone in 6th grade and up. Red Queen has definitely made my top ten favorite books!

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