Proof of Heaven

Friday, June 20, 2014
Dr. Eben Alexander
Proof of Heaven

The author is a neurosurgeon with impeccable credentials, a medical degree  from Duke and 15 years of experience and research at Harvard-affiliated
hospitals.  As a medical doctor, Alexander  had always dismissed stories of near death experiences (NDE) from his patients as illusions caused from misfirings in their brains due to trauma.  Then his NDE happened during a 7-day coma from E-Coli meningitis and his whole outlook changed.  This short and easily readable story of his NDE was very challenging to write because human language is so much more limiting than the communication
“systems” outside of the time-space universe which he experienced.   Alexander describes something discussed in other works – “consciousness isnot local”  - it does not reside in our brains.  Consciousness is part of a universal communication system that our brains must filter because of our physical limitations. His story describes beautifully the eternal nature of conscousness and the interconnectiveness of everything.  There is a long list of recommended reading at the end that encourages the curious reader to explore further.  Check our Catalog.

Kathleen Zaenger, Administration 

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