Thursday, July 22, 2010
Victoria Kann

As stated by the Library Journal, Pinkalicious eats so many pink cupcakes that she wakes up the next morning with pink skin and hair. The color just won't wash off, and the doctor diagnoses her with Pinkititis and tells her to eat green food to get better. Still, when her parents aren't looking, she sneaks just one more treat–and turns red. Startled, she starts to choke down her veggies and finally returns to normal. When everything seems okay, Daddy asks what happened to the other cupcakes, and Pinkalicious's little brother bounds into the room with one in hand, happily showing off his new pink skin!

This book is hilarious and was such a joy to share with my now three year old girl.  She quickly picked up the story and was able to read it to me and her stuffed animal friends.  I will have a wonderful memory to last a lifetime whenever I hear this title.  Listening through the door to my little girl reading to her toys after I have tucked her in for the night. “Now pay attention!” she says “You have Pinkititis, What you need is a steady diet of green food!”

Emily D., Circulation

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