A Northern Light

Friday, February 3, 2012
Jennifer Donnelly
A Northern Light

This is a book to savor,  Narrated by a young girl in 1906, set in the north woods. It tells the story of yearnings for more.  Sixteen year old Mattie wants to read and write, wants to go to school than college.  Her life dictates that she work the farm with her father then marry the local boy and have babies..  She is blessed with a wonderful teacher that helps expand her possibilities and a dear friend that stands up for himself against his constraints.  If you've heard stories from your grandparents about the early 1900's you will feel like you're at their feet hearing the stories again as you read Mattie's story.  Mattie chooses a new word from the dictionary everyday to expand her vocabulary, the story is made all the richer for it.  Check our catalog

Cindy A. Circ.

This is also available as a Book on CD and is a great listen.  Check our catalog for the audio.

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