News of the World

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Paulette Jiles
News of the World
Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd travels through post-Civil War Texas performing readings from major world newspapers to paying audiences who are hungry for news of the world.   After becoming a widower and losing his printing business to the Civil War, he takes to the freedom of the road to         make a meager, but honest living.  At the ripe age of 70 he has established a reputation of integrity.  For this reason, a friend asks him to deliver a 10 year
old orphan to her relatives near San Antonio for a 50 dollar gold piece.  The blond blue-eyed orphan had been captured by the Kiowa Indians four years
earlier and recently recovered by the U.S. Army.  The 400 mile trip to the girl’s relatives home is long, and treacherous because of unforgiving terrain
and the anarchy that reigns in much of Texas due to a corrupt Reconstruction administration in the State government.  This is a masterful story told of
family, responsibility, trust and honor and the terrible choices that come when faced with hostile conditions.  Check our catalog
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