Never Fall Down

Friday, March 11, 2016
Patricia McCormick
Never Fall Down

I cried.

Arn was about 11 years old when the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia. We follow him through years of starvation, fear, and death. He was a spirited, fun loving boy doing everything to help his family do a little more than scrape by before the killing took over his world. This is what enabled him to survive, performing, acting the part, doing the unimaginable to survive one more day.

If you have not read a genocide survivor story before, prepare your heart. Even when he has been adopted and living in America, he struggles with what he has to do to survive being rescued. The author did her research and based this novel on the real life of young Arn Chorn-Pond, who has since founded several organizations: Children of War, Cambodian Living Arts, and Cambodian Volunteers Community Development.

I read a lot of books related to genocide. This is one of the very best. It is powerful. I think sometimes we get lost in the overwhelming numbers or the cold description of atrocities. Perhaps, because this happened in Cambodia, so close to where I spent years in China. Perhaps, because I can see my son in Arn’s personality. Perhaps, because it wasn’t a European Holocaust story that seems so known. Arn’s story is going to be haunting me for a long time.


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