My Mother Was Nuts

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Penny Marshall

This is an odd book.  Prior to reading this, I had always liked Penny Marshall.  She has had an interesting life, no doubt about it.  It is a very easy to read book, very conversational.  You can all but hear Penny speaking with that distinctive voice as you read it.  But in this book, there is no insight into how she felt about the things that happened to her.  There was no demonstration of the way that she may or may not have been affected by some of these extraordinary events.   She certainly has had a lot of ups and many downs.  She had a lot of success and some hardships as well.  However, this is just a chronological list of these events, told with more name-dropping than I have ever seen in a Hollywood memoir. After reading this book, I actually like Ms. Marshall a lot less than I did before.  She made a lot of the same bad choices over and over, and some of them were disturbing.  If her brother had not already been a big success, it's highly unlikely she would have had a career in Hollywood.  It’s like there’s not a person in there, just kind of shallow and not very grateful.  It was also not very funny, which is surprising as well.  Thumbs down from me, save your time for a more worthwhile book.   Check our catalog. 

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