The Memory of Running (audiobook)

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Ron McLarty
The Memory of Running (audiobook)
Smithson Ide, now in his forties, is the lonely slob his sister warned him he might become. He drinks heavily, smokes heavily, and works a boring job. But within the span of a few days his life begins to change. His parents die from an automobile accident, and then he opens a letter that says his missing sister's remains are in Los Angeles. When he sees his old bicycle hanging in the garage, he takes it down and begins what his former neighbor calls a quest. Along the way, we learn about Smithy's baseball playing father, mentally afflicted sister, determined neighbor who has loved him despite his flaws, and other characters. Also we are with him as he encounters people who are too quick to judge. This book reminds me of Forrest Gump; but, for me, the story is more believable and touching.
Doris M., Reference

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