Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Kate Brian

I got hooked on this book from the first couple of paragraphs that I read as part of the Online Book Club (Teen one). Each day I received a few paragraphs in my e-mail for a few days - finally I could take it no longer and checked the book out so I could find out what else happens and how it ends!

A romantic comedy - A great book for teen girls and "reluctant reader" teen girls! Summer is dwindling down and Megan Meade's parents tell her that they've decided to spend the following year over seas. Megan is shocked - there were so many things she was looking forward to this coming year - including the potential to be captain for some sports teams. Arrangements are made so that Megan can stay with a family in Boston - it will be a different than where she is now but at least it won't be another country. When she arrives she is shocked that her host family has seven sons. Will she ever be able to survive with all these boys?! She is even more amazed when she begins falling for one of them. I did laugh out loud at a few parts - a very enjoyable read.

Janice, Youth Services

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