Me Before You

Friday, May 8, 2015
JoJo Moyes
Me Before You


Will Traynor is one of the main character, changed forever in the blink of an eye as he stepped out into traffic  one rainy London day. Now, Will is a quadriplegic who needs round-the-clock care for his physical ailments, but for his emotional state-of-mind his mother has hired Louisa Clark to be a companion to Will. Louisa is a simple girl who has lived her entire 26 years in the shadows a small English village. She likes to wear colorful clothes and bumble bee tights. She just lost her job at a café; her family relies on Louisa for income so she accepts a job as Will’s care giver for a six month time period. 

 What happens in this six month time period is the heart of this story. It is about two families and how they cope with what life has dealt them. It is about choices and being allowed to choose. It is about awakening and discovering life and all there is to take from it and not be afraid to really love and live.  There are thoughts that came to mind as I read this story…thoughts I had never entertained.  It is a struggle between choice of live or choice of being and the quality or lack of that goes with it.   The outcome was a struggle and this book is haunting to say the least in that I kept thinking about it days afterwards, wondering what decision I would have made in the same circumstances.

 The cover of the book is misleading – it looks like it would be a 1960’s type read when in fact, it is a morally divisive topic. This is a book you need to experience…you have to know that it won’t be the way you think it will turn out so you need to read it blind.  It will take you the entire book before you figure out what the title means. Check our Catalog

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