Manitou Canyon

Thursday, October 27, 2016
William Kent Krueger
Manitou Canyon

This is the 15th book in a series that is a "can’t miss" for me. When a man goes missing without a trace while on a fishing trip in the vast wilderness of  Minnesota’s Boundary Waters,  his grandchildren ask Cork O’Connor to continue the search after local law enforcement agencies give up. Despite the fact that his daughter Jenny is to be married in a few short days Cork feels compelled to help. Putting aside the sense of foreboding that November always brings he packs up his canoe and his gear and heads out to the lake where the man was last seen. When days go by without a word, Cork’s worried family heads out on a search of their own. What they find, is an empty campsite – and a lot of blood.  With an early winter storm approaching, Cork’s loved ones struggle to piece together the only clues they have to the mysterious disappearances, uncover the plot that could endanger an entire community, and save both men before it's too late.

Lee Child calls this series “One of today's automatic buy-today-read-tonight series...thoughtful but suspenseful, fast but lasting, contemporary but strangely timeless.”  Krueger delivers with the Northwoods  setting  and the interplay of the Ojibwe culture, and then wraps it all up in great stories filled with suspense and rooted in humanity.
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Sue A., Reference

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