A Man Called Ove (DVD)

Thursday, February 2, 2017
A Man Called Ove

The DVD “A man called Ove” is a foreign film (Swedish with English subtitles) that is based on a novel by Fredrik Backman. Ove is a widower who expresses his loss of his wife by being prickly to everyone he meets. He lives in a small neighborhood that has similar rules to a co-op. He takes a routine walk around the complex every morning to check to make sure gates, etc. are in working order. He also buys fresh flowers daily for his deceased wife’s grave and chats with her about the changes in the neighborhood. A new family with 2 girls and another on the way moves in next door. The family’s activities and his reluctant involvement relaxes his attitude. There are flashbacks of Ove and his wife while they were together. A lighthearted story of a neighborhood that comes together to make their lives nicer.  Check our catalog

Geralyn B., Technical Services

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