Mahalas Lane

Friday, May 30, 2014
Marianne Cushing
Mahalas Lane

Hello, friends! Mahalas Lane is an impressive debut novel by first-time author, Marianne Cushing. It is a well-written 230 pages murder/mystery/romance that was inspired by Marianne’s summer stay at the charmingly quaint Maine cottage on Mahalas Lane. The suspenseful plot and beautifully descripted New England, Maine setting with interesting twists kept my full attention until the very end. This book makes for a perfect weekend read or if you’re drawn in like I was, you’ll have it completed in less than a day!


Thirty-two year old Madi Lyon is an aspiring creative director in the cutthroat advertising industry of NYC. Stressed out from work and feeling lost after learning news of her lifelong best friend’s engagement, Madi finds herself in desperate need of a reprieve. She escapes to a charming seaside cottage in quant Owls Head, Maine. Little does she know, is that the town is haunted by dark secrets. Madi’s relaxing vacation turns out to be anything but, as she quickly finds herself in grave danger and romantically falling for her protector, the local sheriff. 

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