Love in a Nutshell

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly
Love in a Nutshell

Janet Evanovich is probably best know for her Stephanie Plum series, but she got her start writing romances.  Evanovich teamed up with Michigan author Dorien Kelly and  Love in a Nutshell is the result.   Kate Appleton's life isn't going the way she planned, she's recently divorced and unemployed.  So, she returns to Keene's Harbor, MI to rehab her family's summer home into a Bed & Breakfast.  Needing a job to fund her Bed & Breakfast dream, she ends up working for Matt Culhane at his brewery.  On the surface, Kate is the new floater, but she is really trying to help Matt determine who is sabotaging his business.  Escape for a few hours to the westside of the state, meet the residents of Keene's Harbor, and watch the sparks fly between Kate and Matt.  Check our catalog

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