The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Jack Campbell
The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

I came upon this book when I was searching for another book by the same name and was intrigued enough to borrow it through MelCat.  It is classified as Science Fiction but is not typical science fiction.  It is more a tale of military strategy and how it would play out in Space.  One reviewer compares it to the Horatio Hornblower stories - which I do enjoy. 

The premise of the story is that a naval captain who has been in suspended animation for 100 years is found and revived.  Through a sudden loss of all superior officers, he finds himself in command of an entire fleet.  He soon learns that 100 years of fighting a space war has led to a loss of knowledge about  critical battle strategy and the rules of engagement for war.  The main character is likable and honorable this was an enjoyable book and not too "science fictiony" for my personal taste.

This is the first book in a series.   Check our Catalog  It is available on MeLCat

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