Looking for Alaska

Monday, April 7, 2014
John Green
Looking for Alaska

Miles craves the "Great Perhaps".  So begins his studies at Culver Creek Boarding School.  He wants to experience life, not watch it go by.  He is befriended by his roommate, the Colonel, who teaches him how to pull pranks, smoke, and live beyond his previous experience growing up in Florida.  Alaska, lives up to her name "that which the sea breaks against", lives down the hall and brings life to a higher level.  Such a great read about all those heavy topics we deal with when searching for our young  selves.  The thrill of love and sex, the fear of bullies, the intensity of teenage friendship, the anguish of young life lost. Winner of the 2006  Michael L Printz award for best book in young adult literature.  It has my vote.  Check our catolog.

Cindy A., Circ

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