Lilac Girls

Thursday, September 8, 2016
Martha Hall Kelly
Lilac Girls

The story centers around the lives of three very different women, from different countries – the United States, Poland, and Germany – whose lives are irrevocably changed by World War II.

Caroline Farriday is a socialite working in New York’s French Consulate when Hitler’s army invades Poland. Kasia Kuzmerick is a Polish teenager drawn into the resistance underground as a courier when her hometown is occupied by the Nazis. Herta Oberhauser, newly graduated from medical school in Germany, longs for a career as a surgeon that will improve her difficult financial situation.

These three lives are set on a collision course when Kasia is sent to Ravensbruck, the notorious concentration camp for women - the camp where Herta has taken a position that will lead her far from the respected doctor she hoped to be.

From New York to Paris, Poland, and Germany, the struggles of Caroline, Kasia, and Herta to survive the chaos of the world around them are in some cases redemptive, but always heartbreaking. Inspired by the real life Caroline Farriday, Marth Hall Kelly has written a touching debut novel.

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