The Life We Bury

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Allen Askens

Joe Talbert has a dream of going to college. Standing in his way are an alcoholic mother with a tenuous grip on reality and an autistic brother whom he loves and feels responsible for. Still, once he has saved enough money, he drives off to start a new life as a student, thinking he can leave his old life behind. However, that proves impossible. He finds himself entangled not only in the detritus of his mother’s poor decisions but also in a decades old mystery involving Carl Iverson. Carl is a Vietnam veteran recently released from prison because he’s dying. And he is the biography subject of Joe’s class assignment. As Joe, with the help of neighbor Lila, delves into the reason for Carl’s incarceration, it becomes clear how unspeakable secrets can haunt and affect one until they are shared with someone. This intricate tale is worth reading. Check our catalog

Doris, Reference

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