Less Than a Treason

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Dana Stabenow
Less Than a Treason

Kate is alive!

If you are a fan of the Kate Shugak series, you’ll remember that her fate was uncertain at the cliff hanger end of the previous novel. And then we had to wait four years for this latest book to tie up all of the loose ends. In the opening pages we find out that Kate did indeed survive, but then she immediately disappears with no apparent word to Jim, the Aunties, or most anyone. Eventually Kate reappears when a group of orienteers trek past the remote Alaskan cabin that belonged to Old Sam where she has been staying for months to heal. Events ensue that cause Kate to return to civilization to solve yet another crime. But is she ready to face Jim – and what happened to Mutt? You’ll have to read Less Than a Treason to find out.

There is some thought that this may be the last entry in the Kate Shugak series. I certainly hope not, because unlike many long running series that lose their spark, Dana Stabenow continues to write about a place and people that continue to surprise and intrigue. Check the catalog.

Sue A., Reference

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