Learning to Swear in America

Monday, August 29, 2016
Katie Kennedy
Learning to Swear in America

Yuri, a 17-year-old physics prodigy from Russia, is on his way to America to help save California from a big bad asteroid—a very big, very bad asteroid that could take out Japan with a tsunami. His knowledge of English is very good but he doesn’t know how to swear in English. Many of the much older physicists don’t believe this kid has any knowledge that can help this very serious situation. Yuri meets Dovie, a normal teenage girl and he learns what it’s really like to be a teenager. You will laugh out loud, cry a bit, and cheer on this pair of teens that could, might, maybe save the world.

An extra bit of knowledge: Ms. Kennedy is from the U.P. of Michigan and this is her first novel. I am hoping for many more.

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Jeanne S., Youth Services

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